Apple Magic Mouse 1/2 or Magic Trackpad for Windows

I’ve worn out the scroll wheel on quite a few mice. Apple’s Magic Mouse 2 lacks the wheel, but it’s touch sensitive top allows for scolling and other features that many mice have. When my current Dell wireless mouse wheel started acting up, I borrowed the Magic Mouse 2 from my Mac. After the Bluetooth pairing process, I had it connected and working. The only problem being that I couldn’t scroll. Same mouse works under Boot Camp on my MacBook Pro, so I determined it to be a driver problem. Apple doesn’t offer drivers for Windows directly, only through there Boot Camp installer. I temporarily ended up using Magic Utilities which does work well, but it requires a subscription. Also, I didn’t most of the extra functionality it offers.

My solution to this was found on GitHub using a project called Brigadier by Tim Sutton. This will allow you to download the Boot Camp software without using a Mac. I’m posting the resulting drivers here to help out those who may struggle with the command line.

Apple Magic Mouse Driver

Apple Magic Trackpad (Multitouch)

Apple Wireless Trackpad