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Malwarebytes Browser Guard

I’ve been using Malwarebytes Browser Guard for the past year. I feel comfortable recommending this product to others. This tool blocks enough fake antivirus alerts and phishing attempts to make adding this extension to Chrome or Edge worthwhile.

Microsoft Edge Extension

Google Chrome Extension

Windows Server 2012 / 2012 R2

Time is running out on these two operating systems from Microsoft. The end of support is slated for later this year on October 10, 2023. If you continue to use either of these operating systems after that date you are putting your business at risk. Security updates are available to those with an extended service contract from Microsoft. Another alternative is to move your server instance to the Azure cloud. If you want to continue using of your on-premise server, upgrading to Windows Server 2022 is recommended. More information from Microsoft is available here.

Apple Magic Mouse 1/2 or Magic Trackpad for Windows

I’ve worn out the scroll wheel on quite a few mice. Apple’s Magic Mouse 2 lacks the wheel, but it’s touch sensitive top allows for scolling and other features that many mice have. When my current Dell wireless mouse wheel started acting up, I borrowed the Magic Mouse 2 from my Mac. After the Bluetooth pairing process, I had it connected and working. The only problem being that I couldn’t scroll. Same mouse works under Boot Camp on my MacBook Pro, so I determined it to be a driver problem. Apple doesn’t offer drivers for Windows directly, only through there Boot Camp installer. I temporarily ended up using Magic Utilities which does work well, but it requires a subscription. Also, I didn’t most of the extra functionality it offers.

My solution to this was found on GitHub using a project called Brigadier by Tim Sutton. This will allow you to download the Boot Camp software without using a Mac. I’m posting the resulting drivers here to help out those who may struggle with the command line.

Apple Magic Mouse Driver

Apple Magic Trackpad (Multitouch)

Apple Wireless Trackpad

Phishing Resources

Phishing and ransomware are the two big ticket items in cybercrime. It seems many people still don’t know what to look for to determine if an email is legitimate or if it’s fraudulent. Here are some links to help educate yourself and others about phishing emails.

How To Recognize and Avoid Phishing Scams –
Protect yourself from Phishing –

I’d also like to add that account takeovers and ACH / payroll fraud have also seen a huge jump. Email is not a good conduit to conduct financial transactions. Avoid using email to send any account or banking information. Use email encryption if you need to send sensitive information via email.